Are you a Surrey metal Mickey!?!

Replace metal fillings with discreet tooth coloured ones at our Surrey practice

 Surrey practice offers replacement fillings and tooth coloured fillings

There are a few people left that don’t have a dental ‘filling’ yet and we’re delighted about that! However, many people do have fillings and some have obvious metal fillings which cause them embarrassment and affect their self confidence.  It’s those many people that this is aimed at.

Did you know that there is more choice than just indiscreet metal fillings?  Did you know you can get tooth coloured fillings? Did you know that under certain circumstances, these metal fillings can be removed and replaced with more discreet tooth coloured fillings?

Did you know that our Surrey practice not only offers these tooth coloured fillings but can also offer treatment to replace metal fillings with this more subtle option?

If you’re unhappy with the metal fillings you currently have showing when you talk or smile, then give our Surrey dental practice a call and book a consultation to find out about the alternatives. 


You’ve nothing to lose but a smile you’re unhappy with!

Posted: 22.02.2016 | news index »