Feeling nerves about your dental visit?

Let our Surrey dentist help – we understand!

 surrey dental practice talks about dental fear and fear of the dentist

Most people are a little apprehensive about visiting the dentist.  From making the initial appointment to waiting in the reception area, we understand that nerves can play a big part when it comes to seeing us at the practice.  Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally!

Most people can handle their fears and are able to have a drama free visit with little actual dental work needed...but what if you’re not one of those people?

Often, if you’ve avoided attending the dentist regularly, when you do visit there is considerable treatment needed and this only adds to the fear.  Having appointments which can last longer than a standard visit, hearing drills and feeling injections all adds to the pressure felt and so, even after conquering fear to visit this time, you may consider putting off a visit again....DON’T!

Regular dental and hygiene appointments are the easy way you can ensure that your smile is in great condition.  Not seeing the dentist for years will nearly always result in more work, more cost and more time spent in the chair!  Attend the dentist regularly, and take good care of your smile at home, and your visits should be short and sweet!


If you really struggle with your nerves and feel you may even have a phobia about visiting a dentist then please do contact our friendly team who will do their utmost to help!

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