Professional teeth whitening

from our Surrey dental practice

 surrey dental practice in east Molesey offers professional whitening

Teeth whitening is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to access cosmetic dentistry. Clients with teeth discoloured by coffee, tea, red wine, certain medications, root canal treatment and ageing, can now obtain easy to use products that have an instant and lasting effect on the shade of your teeth.

At The Molesey Dental Practice in East Molesey, Surrey, patients can choose between home whitening or in-surgery teeth whitening treatments.

Home teeth whitening

We will custom make a rubber mould (or tray) to fit your teeth precisely. After fitting, we’ll supply you with the whitening gel and give you a tutorial in how to use it. You’ll need to wear the tray for several hours each day and within a few weeks you will achieve the whiter teeth that you desire.

In-surgery teeth whitening

This treatment takes place at the practice, and with this you should see a noticeable improvement to your teeth in a short space of time. There’s no fixed time period for the entire course of treatment – the number of visits you need to make will be dependent on the level of discoloration with which you began the course and the level of whitening you wish to achieve by the end.


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