Dental implants are the revolutionary new way to replace missing teeth.

An implant is simply a titanium screw that replaces the root of the natural tooth and which, after a few months, the body accepts as a new root. After an implant is placed into the underlying bone, a porcelain tooth is then placed on top of the new artificial root, resulting in a restoration that should last a lifetime.

Teeth may be missing for a number of reasons – decay, gum disease or after an accident. For some this may lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Not only this, but missing teeth can make chewing more difficult and the spaces around teeth can be a trap for plaque and food debris which increases your risk of decay and gum disease.

With implants we literally reconstruct a new tooth and root. Implants can be used on a single root or a number can be placed where there are more teeth missing or existing teeth need replacing. Implants provide an infinitely more comfortable alternative to dentures and feel and look like natural teeth.

Implants are stronger than natural teeth and many patients report the renewed ability to eat all sorts of foods when once they could only manage soft foods. If you have a gap, why not see what we can do?

The preferred implant system used at the Practice is the Bicon System, please follow the link below for further patient information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common alternatives to dental implants are denture and bridges. Getting a bridge requires attaching false teeth to your existing teeth. This involves filing or modifying the teeth on either side of missing teeth in order to support bridge which can have implication is future. Also, often require replacement which makes it more costly option over time. Dentures are false teeth attached to plastic or metal plate which are placed in placed in mouth and are removable. They are cumbersome, uncomfortable and limit your dietary intake. Also, with time they might wear or become loose fitted causing slippage and imprecise fit issues. Whereas dental implants are the permanent solution to missing teeth. They are comfortable, effective, aesthetically pleasing, look and behave just like natural tooth, do not impact surrounding teeth and less costly over long run.

A person who can undergo tooth extractions or bridgework can undergo dental implant treatment. The location and the amount of bone available in the implant area is normally the major factor to be considered for any case. Normally implants are suitable and best option for most cases but its best to have a consultation with our dentist to check for suitability and ask any questions you might have for the treatment.

Your dentist should be able to give you a rough estimate about time after your first consultation. Nowadays some false teeth are fitted as the same time as implants for some cases. Check with your dentist to see if it’s suitable for you. Normally the false teeth are fitted after 3-4 months after placing the implant. In some instances it might take longer due to complexity of the case but your dentist should be able to let you know about this during your treatment.

They look exactly the same as your natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Regain your

  • Speech

  • Easy to clean

  • Look & feel like
    your natural teeth

  • Greater comfort in
    chewing & eating

  • Preserve your jawbone
    & facial structure

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